What we do and How we do it


Research: We partner and conduct equitable research partnerships using both community engagement and community based participatory research principles. We research the plethora of health disparities that disproportionately affect communities of color.

Education: We educate the grass-root community, academicians, and other institutional partners on how to address the historical and cultural stigma centered around research and community-institutional partnerships. We educate the community to prepare them for engaging in both research and collaborative partnerships.

Training: We provide trainings for both community members and researchers that promotes effective partnership building in efforts to build and sustain effective research partnerships.

Mobilization: We mobilize and empower the community to identify and set it’s own social and health priorities, research agenda, and provide an “think-tank” platform to discuss approaches and solutions to set priorities. We also mobilize the community around research interests, projects, initiatives, and programs in an effort to increase the underrepresentation of minority recruitment into critical research and program initiatives.

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